My two roommates

Mes deux colocs et moi

I remember that Yoann asked me to write an article in english. Now to be completely honest with you all, I am not sure this article will be good.  Howewer, I am excited to introduce you my two roommates.

De gauche à droite : Brittni, Maria, Moi

The first one is named Maria, she is 21. She comes from Mexico and she studies Marketing at Kelley School of Business  like me ! She is member of a professional fraternity (Delta Sigma Pi). She likes watching movies, cooking (she is a good cook… mexican food of course !) and squirrels ! Moreover, Maria is also very pretty.

Now, I am going to talk about Brittni. 21 too, she is an amazing runner but I do not usually like sports… Howewer she convinced me to register to the Fitness and Zumba activities  for the next semester. She studies Physical Therapy. You can easily recognize her with her red hair ! Brittni represents the american country side and she knows Indianapolis very well… I am lucky to know her. She is very generous and funny.

I believe I could not have better roommates. They are really nice and help me for everything I need to do. To me, Americans are very helpful, and I have to admit it is not always the same in France. I really enjoy being here !