Becoming a new brother of Delta Sigma Pi

Once I passed the final exam of the Pledge Process, I was relieved. I became a brother of Delta Sigma Pi on November, 7th, 2013, exactly 106 years after the creation of the fraternity.  Since my initiation, I have had the pleasure to experiment what it means to be a brother.

My roommate Maria, the vice president of fundraising at DSP, encouraged me to be a part of a fundraising event. There are many fundraising events organized to raise money for the fraternity. For example, the fraternity works at the Lucas Oil Stadium selling concessions for american football games. The concession stand sells food and beverages. Recently, I had the opportunity to work in the stadium. In order to be successful, each brother has to work as a team member electing to be a cashier or a cook. As a matter of fact, I was totally exhausted at the end of the day: I worked for 7 hours. Nevertheless, the stadium’s ambiance was amazing and working in team made work easier and funnier. My pair was the fraternity’s president, Josh, and we had a lot of fun. In the end, I know that I was working in the interest of the fraternity and that brings me joy! I want to point out I think it’s a very good opportunity to gain experience.

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In other news, I I started thinking about running for a position in the executive board of the fraternity. I had time to balance the pros and the cons. I knew that a position would take up a lot of my time: however,  it is another way for me to become more involved in the fraternity.  I decided to run for the VP Information Technology position with a great enthusiasm because my responsibilities in this position would be very diverse. As a VP Information technology, I have to manage social networks’ pages and work on the website renewal…The good news is, after a voting competition, I have been elected for the position and will be working with my brother Chuwen, for the rest of the school year. Lastly, we shared a potluck lunch with special recipes from around the world !