My first grades at Kelley !

I took 4 exams before Fall Break. They are all important for my final grade and also, I studied really hard to get a good score.

International marketing: 90%. A-

Advertising & Promotion Management: 89,5%. B+

History: 85%. B

Human Resources: 78% C+

I am on the good way because a C+ is equivalent to a 12/20 in France. However, I have to be able to study hard in order to prove I deserve to be here! Indeed, I was really surprised to find out that professors were not very severe. I know that I have sometimes better grades than the others. In fact, I believe that Americans do the bare minimum while foreign students try to give the best of their ability, as in France… Tomorrow, I have a marketing exam and I hope it is going to be alright. See you !