Christmas Party

Merry Christmas !
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Last week, I organized an Ugly Sweaters – Christmas Party at my apartment. Of course y two roommates helped me to prepare everything.  I decided to invite some friends to participate to a Secret Santa: what does it mean? Secret Santa means that each person has to bring one present. Then, we pick up one number and we have to take the present related to it. It’s a really funny game! Moreover, everybody is happy with this. After all, Christmas encourages people to share and express their feelings. I cooked sugar cookies (« biscuit » in french) and also, crepes, guacamole… In addition, we watched Christmas movies such as ELF. I had never seen it before and I finally thought this movie was very funny (I felt asleep at the end though but I swear it’s a nice movie!).

As you can see, our sweaters are obviously ugly but the tradition has existed for a while: normally, your grandma offers you every year an ugly sweater and you have to wear it! I was relectant to wear such an ugly sweater but finally, it was a great moment. I have to admit that Josh got the worst one!

Ugly Sweaters