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English Track : My Fall Semester

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I started the English track program last semester and it’s time now to do a point about this. An important fact in the English Track class is that French students are mixed with foreign students which are doing their exchange in France. Most of them came from Asia, especially from India and the Philippines. Most… Lire la suite »

The Global Village

Last year, I described you the Global Village in the French Version, today, I would like to present it in English because it seems important to me to give this information to foreign people. The global village is an important event organized by AIESEC. Every country which is on the campus is incited to participate… Lire la suite »

[Associations] AIESEC


Presentation of the association AIESEC is the biggest student NGO in the world and a permanent member of the UNESCO committee. Its goal is to help student, from all over the world, to find a humanitarian or a professional internship abroad. AIESEC members have many AIESEC meetings, national and international. In the last one, you… Lire la suite »